" And just when you thought that you were the center of attention, we showed up. Because some turn heads, but me and my guys, we break necks."

Have the style, have the attitude.


Being beautiful on the inside is also important for us! That is why we give 20% of each kit to one of these organizations : Together for Animals or Greenpeace
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You can wear dreads as extensions, or dread falls.


Single or double ended dreads are braided into your hair and secured with a tiny elastic band at the end.
  • It lasts for 3-5 weeks, you can re-use the dreads several times.
  • It does not cause any serious damage in your hair.


  • lifelike, as the dreads start out from the roots.
  • requires little maintenance.
  • secure, it cannot just "slip down" after being installed.
  • you can change the colours with each braiding, so you get a different dread set each time you have them installed.


  • In the first 1-2 weeks, it might hurt as the dreads pull your hair. I said "might" ; some have got this problem, others cannot feel anything.
  • You need to think ahead concerning the date of installation, as baiding them in/out takes hours.

Dread Falls:

The synth dreads are not braided into your hair one by one, but they are mounted on a flexible lace, so you can put on/take off the whole bunch at once, whenever you wish.

The best thing is to have them made of thick, soft dreads for better coverage and lower prices.


  • no damage, it is like having a ponytail.
  • you can put it on and take it off in any minute.
  • comfortable
  • as you only wear them occassionally, they are very lasting.


  • may be less lifelike than extensions.
  • no head-banging in these...
  • you need to learn how to put them on correctly, otherwise your hair will be visible underneath, or it even can slip down.
Choose a thickness that fits your needs best:
  • thin
  • thick
  • soft thick

    Thin Dreads:
    • are usually used for extensions.You need too many for falls which would make them heavier too.
    • they are somewhat more lasting than thick dreads.
    • You need 100-120 SEs or 50-60DEs of them to have extensions. For the first time,it's better to have less, shorter dreads so you can see how it weights.

    Thick Dreads:

    • are ideal if you want more lifelike dreads.
    • If you want to wear them as extensions, only 64-80 SEs or 32-40 DEs are advisable. (over 40 cms 30DEs are enough )

    Soft Thick Dreads:

    • This type is the best with falls, as they are lighter and less rigid than regular thick dreads.
    • You can have volume with less dreads.
    • Extras like transitions or patterns are not okay with this type, it works best as solids, swirled or blended dreads.
    • These dreads have more frizzies, they are less uniform, but if you go for a more chaotic look, these are the right type for you!
    • "wrapped dreads" are another version of them, wrapped with the same or another colour:

    You can ask for your dreads to be either
    Single Ended (with a loop at the top)

    or Double Ended dreads (where 1 long dread counts as 2)

    Depending on the style and braiding method you prefer.

    You can have the colors from the color chart in the following combinations:
    (click to see the larger image):

    • Solid

    • Transitional

    • Swirled

    • 3-colour swirled

    • Blended

    • Splashed

    • Striped

    • Curly

    • Harlequins

    • Dreads with patterns:

      Leopard print:
      Feel free to choose any colour combo.

      Zebra/ Tiger print:

      Paws print:

      Polka Dots:

      Or whichever pattern of your choice.

    • A combination of the ones above if making them is not against the laws of nature..for example:

      Striped swirls:

      swirled transitionals:

      swirled harlequins:

      transitional harlequins:

      swirled transitional harlequins:

N/A= NOT available at the moment

Black Brown_3 Brown_6 Dark Auburn Orange Red
Brown_10 Brown_12 Brown_8 Blonde_27 Brownish Blonde
D.Golden Blonde Caramel Dark Blonde Golden Yellow Gold
Blonde_24 Light Blonde Sandy Blonde Lightest Blonde Snow White
Silver Silver White Silver Grey Grey Charcoal Grey
Yellow Orange Neon Orange Brutal Orange Red
Bronze Light Red Skarlet Red Sweet Orange Sweet Red
Chili Antique Red Cinnamon Burgundy Red Wine
Fiesta Orange Strawberry Watermelon Cherry Orchid
Disco Pink Brutal Disco Pink Pink Red Neon UV Pink Ruby Red
Light Pink Baby Pink Candyfloss Barbie Pink Pink
Violet Neon Purple Deep Purple Dark Purple Blackberry
Pink Lilac Lavender Lilac Deep Lilac Purple Black
Purple Lilac Silver Lilac Ice Blueberry Blue Black
Dark Blue Pale Royal Blue Navy Blue Peacock Blue Baby Blue
Denim Deep Turquoise Turquoise Sky Blue Icy Blue
Cobalt Blue Petrol Green Sea Blue Light Petrol Green Aqua
Mossy Green Emerald Green Neon Green Green Lime
Neon Yellow Olive Lightest Green

If you would like me to make you some dreads, send me an e-mail with the following details to order@alphabitch.hu
(sending the form does not put you under obligation)

  • Extensions or falls?
  • DE or SE?
  • Thin or Thick (hard/soft)?
  • What length? (at least 5 cms longer than your hair measured from the top of your head)
  • What colour(s)?
  • How many dreads of each colour(s) and combo(s)?
  • By what date?
  • The payment method you would like to use.
  • Your name and address.

    what a set of dreads will cost you depends greatly on the type/length/count of the dreads you are asking for, so I can give you an exact amount once you've answered the questions above.

    Turnaround times:
    Finishing a set of thin dreads takes me 14 business days, for thick dreads it is 10 business days.

    Based on the number of requests in process, the soonest I can start making your dreads is
    as soon as tomorrow.

    MY mailing system seems to lose mails sometimes, so If you don't get an answer in 1-2 days, please write to this mailing address: miss.gloria@freemail.hu

  • :: Click on the icons below to see larger image.

    Laura - black and grey transitional dreads with turquoise and blue splashes, 50 cm.

    Amii - lilac purple and white blonde thick wrapped dreads 45-50 cm.

    Reachel -deep purple, violet and white dreads, 45-50 cm.

    Zsuzsi - lightly crocheted black&white dreads, 50-60 cm.

    Kai - thin turquoise and pink solid,swirled transitional and splashed dreads, 45-50 cm.

    Kriszti - thick blonde and sweet orange dreads, 45-50 cm.
    -thick black and aqua curly dreads, 50 cm.

    Krystal - Thin solids in black, dark blue and electric blue, with zebra-patterned dreads, 50 cm.
    Niki - thin bleach blonde solids and bleach blonde->black transitional dreads, 45 cm.

    Joanne - thin "peacock" dreads, curled 50-55 cm before curling.
    Marci - Thin transitionals in brown_6, brown_10 bronze and dark blonde with leopard print, 45 cm.

    Dorka - lightly crocheted blonde, mauve and lilac silver solid dreads, 50-55 cm.
    Bogi - lightly crocheted blonde and violet, solid and blended dreads, 50-55 cm.

    Annael - Thick charcoal grey,grey,silver grey and black natural dreads 40-55 cm.

    Eviscreation -Semithick,black,blueberry,turquoise and deep purple wrapped and natural dreads, 45 cms.
    Rachel - Semithick black,white, neonpink, green and deep purple dreads, 40 cms.
    Odri - Thin, black, blonde_24 and emerald-black transitionals, 45 cm.

    Kandii -"lagoon" themed wrapped dreads, 40-55 cm.

    Bec - Semi-thick pink, black and leopard print dreads, 40 cm.

    Kierra - Thin black splashed dreads, 40-45 cm.
    Nora - thick black and light blonde, solids, harleqiuns and leopard print synthetic dreads, 30-45 cm.

    Ashley - Thinck hard and soft off-white synthetic dreads, 40-45 cm.

    XXX - Semi-thick untwisted dreads in black, silver and silverly white 55-60 cm (foam addition by Roland Rontó).

    Szilvi - Thin solids in black, deep purple, indigo, violet and orchid, 40-45 cm.

    Eva - Thin solids, triple swirls and transitionals in snow white, turquoise, baby blue, strawberry and watermelon, 45 cm.
    Fanny - Thin brown_8, brown_10, blackberry and violet solids, swirls and blends, 45 cm.

    Mkatsi - Thin solids, transitionals and harlequin transitionals in pink,light pink,sky blue,lilac,yellow,turquoise and cobalt blue, 45 cm.

    Flora - Thin solids, transitionals and harlequins in brown_6, light and antique red,chili and cinnamon, with leopard printed accent dreads, 45 cm.
    Jacqui - Thin brown_6, burgundy, orange red and light blonde harlequins, 50 cm.

    MAcs - Semithick, off-white, light blonde and babypink solids, transitionals and harlequins with pink paws print, 45 cm.

    Zsuzsanna - Semithick, solid black and crocheted mossy green, babyblue and mint green dreads, 45 cm.

    Norbi - Thin, steampunk-inspired dreads, 40 cm.

    Timi - Thin, black-colourful transitionals, harlequin-transitionals and harlequin-swirled transitionals, 45 cm.

    True - Thick, soft light blonde, dark blonde and green solid and splashed dreads, 35-50 cm.
    -Thin light blonde solids and light blonde-blonde_24 blended dreads, 40 cm.

    Gloria - Crocheted dreads in blackberry, indigo and light orchid, 45-50 cm.

    Kriszti - thick dreads in black, dark purple, purple and lilac silver. Solids and leoprad prints, 45 cm.
    - Dread fall made of solid and wrapped thick, soft dreads in orange, bronze, orange red and antique red, 35-45 cm.

    Hempi - Semithick solids, transitionals, swirls and swirled transitionals in brown_6, off-white and lilac silver, 40 cm.

    Gloria - Thick, soft black and dark military-coloured dreads, 30-50 cm.

    SK - Thin, black and fiery transitional dreads, 35-40 cm.

    Annael - Thin black, white, mauve and lilac solid, transitional and harlequin dreads, 45-55 cm.

    Otto - Thin brown_2 and brown_10 solids, splashed with royal and turquoise blue, 35-40 cm.
    Hannah - Thin "Morocco"-coloured synthetic dreads, 40 cm.

    Ennedy - Thin brown_12, white, black and purple solid, transitional, harlequin and blended dreads, 35-40 cm.

    Csilla - Thin, light blonde-blonde_24, barbie- and babypink solids,blends and transitionals, 40 cms.
    - Thick, soft light and dark blonde dreads with aqua splashes, 40-50 cm.

    Amy - Thick babypink, babyblue and light green solid, transitional and paws print dreads, 35-40 cm.

    Linda - Thick, solid black dreads with snow white and silver leopard patterned ones, 35-50 cm.

    Eszti - Thin, black and Barbie pink solid, transitional and paws print dreads, 45 cm.

    Sicc - Thick black, light blonde and off-white solid and splashed dreads, 45 cm.
    - Semithick black-white-off white solids and splashed dreads with turquoise leopard prints, 45 cm.

    Kupak - Thick, soft dread fall with black solids and Barbie pink-deep purple swirled blends in it, 35-50 cm.
    - thin black,dark purple and purple solids,black->lilac transitionals, with violet and white swirls in a harlequin style, 45 cm... + a kitty.

    Zeak - Thin black, emerald green, neon green, green, sea blue, turquoise blue and royal blue transitionals, swirled harlequins and striped swirls, 35-40 cm.

    Dita - Dread falls made of thick,soft dreads in antique red, chili, light red and bleach blonde, 30-45 cm.

    Linda - thick blonde_27,light blonde leopard print and black dreads, 35-45 cm.
    thick, blonde_27 and light blonde solid and leopard print harlequin dreads, 30-45 cm.
    - Black dread falls made of thick, soft dreads, 30-45 cm.

    Timea - Thin black, dark blue and purple black solids, blends and transitionals, 45 cm.

    Sicc - Thick,soft black dread extensions, 30-70 cm.

    Dragonican - Thick dark purple, deep purple, indigo, violet and pink blended dreads, 45 cm.
    Lisa - Thick black&white solid, transitional and striped dreads with leopard print, 45 cm.

    Gloria Synthetic hair creations for photoshoots. (with Andrea Debreceni, hair stylist)

    Gloria - Synthetic hair creations for photoshoots.

    Annael - Thin black and white solids and transitionals, 50-55 cm.

    Melinda - Mixed green and brown_27-coloured dreads, 35-40 cm.
    Beatrix - Thick, black, white, light blonde and blonde_24 solid, harlequin and leopard print dreadsk, 45 cm.

    Krisztina - thin brow_10 and brown->gold solids and transitionals, 40 cm.

    Sicc - Thick silver, blonde_24 and green leopard print accent dreads, 50 cm.

    Hempi - thin plain black dreads, 50 cm.-
    -thin black and orange->yellow solid and transitional dreads, 45-55 cm.

    Annael - thin black, white and scarlet solids, swirls and polka dots dreads, 40-45 cm.
    - thin black and scarlet solids and swirls, 45 cm.

    Melinda - thin brown_27, light blonde and black solids, harlequins, blended dreads and transitionals, 35-40 cm.

    Gloria - thin black,babypink, lilac pink and lilac solids and transitionals, 35-40 cm.

    Ennedy - thin brown_12, black and white dreads, harlequins and transitionals, 35-40cm.
    Janos - Thin black and royal blue solids and swirls made as harlequins, 30-35 cm.

    Nora - thin light blonde and babypink dreads, 45 cm.

    Dragonican - thick dark purple->purple, dark purple->blue silver and dark purple->mixed transitional dreads, 45 cm.
    -thin dreads in black and various blue solids and swirls, 40-50 cm.

    KIm- thin dreads in black, red violet->silver and red violet->lilac pink transitionals.45-55 cm.
    Dana- thin solid dreads in dark blonde, 50 cm.

    Nori- thin dreads in blonde, babypink and pink, solids, swirls, transitionals, 45 cm.
    Gloria- thick dreads in babypink,pink and black, solids, swirls. 35-45 cm.
    Gabor- thick dreads in solid black, 30-40cm.

    Ola- thin dreads in bleach blonde->black transitionals, scarlet solids, 40cm.

    Judit-thin dreads in brown_10, baby blue, turquoise,45-50cm, solids and swirls, all harlequins.

    Gloria - thick dreads in black and blonde, solids.
    -thick dreads in black, babypink, burgudy, 34-45 cm, solids.
    - thick military dreads, 40-50 cm.
    Click for larger image

    I encourage you to get all the neccessary information beforehand, since getting a refund or compensation
    at Alpha Bitch is in most cases not possible.That includes:

    Getting wrong colors:

    You will not get red instead of green for sure, I am not color blind.:)

    But the color chart can be misleading, as the brightness and settings of your monitor may modify the shades presented there. This may mean you get a slightly darker/lighter shade of the color you imagined.

    Lost or damaged package:

    Insured packages are available for extra money.

    Otherwise your parcel will be posted simply registered, which is usually safe enough, but only proves that I have posted you the dreads. Therefore neither me, nor the post office will give you any kind of a refund if your dreads get lost in the mail.

    You realize that synth dreads are not for you and/or you don't want them any more.

    Thank you for your consideration.


    you do not need any special treatment with falls, just try to avoid people touching the dreads too often.You may wash the set(s) in warm water if neccessary, then spread them out flat to dry.


    General rules:

    • do not let others touch them too often..they tend to twist them.
    • avoid rain, dust and smoke.
    • check the tiny elastics once a week and replace the damaged ones.
    • wash the dreads after removing them the way described above for falls, then hang them to dry..
    Sleeping in them:

    Tie the dreads up in a turban for the sake of comfort and durability.

    Washing them:

    • tie them up on the top of your head in a way that your fingers can reach the roots and your scalp..
    • mix the shampoo with warm water and pour the mixture all over your scalp.You need to wash the roots only. Repeat it, then rinse.
    • Do not use any conditionner or pack.
    • let it dry by itself if possible.
    Removing extensions:

    cut the tiny elastics, unbraid your hair. Comb gently, starting from the ends to get the shed hair out without making knots, then wash it. Use conditioner to remove any knots. Don't be frightened by the hair loss.
    The size of a kitten->
    is a normal amount, you shed the same over a month, without noticing it.

    If you have further questions concerning maintenance or dreads in general, feel free to ask here: order@alphabitch.hu

    Huge Backcombed Falls:
    • If you like brutally big hair, but do not want to damage your hair by backcombing it, use one or two backcombed fall(s)!
    • You simply put it over your ponytail.
    • You can have it in solid or multicoloured.
    • Note: they might get squeezed in boxes, so if you want to ask for a pair through the post, their size may shrink somewhat by the time they reach you.

    Drop a mail if you are interested.

    Ian - tupírozott copfok fekete-pink-türkiz színben, 1 pár.

    Vivien - baby blue backcombed falls, with matching bangs.

    Gebics - snow white backcombed falls, a pair.

    Ditti - huge backcombed falls in lavender, a pair, with matching bangs.

    Dita -Huge backcombed falls in red, a pair.

    Kriszti - Huge backcombed falls in black and light pink, a pair.

    Gloria - Huge backcombed falls in black and red, a pair.

    Ditti - Huge backcombed falls in black, a pair.


  • to add vivid colors to your hair without damaging your real hair by bleaching and/or dying it.
  • they last up to 3-4 weeks, but you can remove them yourself easily and quickly whenever it is necessary.
  • you can use the stripes more than once.
  • the synth hair stripes can be styled easily by using a flat iron, a hairdryer, etc.
  • They are great if you want some exciting hair without dreads, or you are between two installations.
  • You can use them together with dreads too, in front or in your fringe.

    microrings come in the following colors to suit your hair color, thus remain unnoticed:

    1=black, 3=dark brown, 11=chocolate brown, 8=brown, 6=blondish brown, 7=light brown, 13=blonde, 15=burundy
    (image taken from afroline.hu)

    Clip-in streaks:

    • hair streaks that can be clip in under your real hair for volume and/or colouring.
    • wider streaks are possible than with microrings and you can clip in/remove them easily in a sec.

    for further info write to order@alphabitch.hu.

  • Here you can get dreads even cheaper than custom dreads because they are:

    A-second hand

    Sometimes I offer dreads which were NOT made by AlphaBitch, but I make this clear below.
    All dreads offered here are sent out in a carefully cleaned and mended state.

    You must take each kit as a hole, you can find the dread number by the pictures.
    If you want a full head, you can combine several kits or you can ask for brand new dreads along with the old ones.

    Write to order@alphabitch.hu if you wish to purchase any of them.

    At the moment, the following kits are for sale:
    (Click here for the CURRENCY CONVERTER )


    colour:fiery dreads material: synthetic hair
    type: smooth thin dreads
    count:14DE (28 dreads)
    lenght: 50-60 cms
    made by ALphabitch.
    worn: once
    Current price: 8000 HUF**

    **Patterns can be painted on them.